Ryma T. Hady

Ryma T. Hady is a psychotherapist with a Masters degree in psychology from the American University of  Beirut.

Her psychotherapy practice is supervised from Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre and she works with adult patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric disorders. 

Her therapeutic approach is tailored into the patient’s problems with emphasis on the humanistic model’s belief that each person is unique, on the significance of the therapeutic relationship, and on the support of research based practice. 

Her theoretical approach is cognitive behavioral and she adopts technical eclecticism.

She implements mostly; along with cognitive behavioral therapy, third wave psychotherapies including acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, metacognitive therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and schema therapy. These approaches are evidenced based to help patients suffering from diverse psychological problems such as pain-related disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. The treatment plan often involves an integration of the aforementioned therapies and comprises teaching relaxation techniques, changing old beliefs about the problem, and building new coping skills.