Pain is a complex medical problem that can have a profound effect on your physical and mental well-being.

ActiveHealth is a new concept clinic in Lebanon that provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary and individualized approach to pain management in a professional and caring environment.

Our Approach


The treatment plan developed by ActiveHealth team will be specially tailored to your condition and degree of pain, your needs and your personal objectives.

Our Goals

  • Improve the patient’s quality of life and function.

  • Treat all the needs of a patient in pain in one location by different professionals.

  • Develop a coordinated and personalized treatment plan.

  • Reduce the patient’s suffering as well the family’s.

  • Increase activity levels of the patient in pain with an active rehabilitation program.

  • Decrease depression, anxiety and irritability.

  • Teach the patient to control his pain rather than letting his pain control him.